Beskjed fra TS Entertainment~


Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

It has been 2 weeks since B.A.P release their first EP ‘NO MERCY’.

We deliver our sincere thanks to the all the BABYz domestically and overseas who always support on B.A.P as well as BABYz who have joined B.A.P’s TV recording despite of such hot weather.

Please understand that B.A.P also always works so hard to show improved performance every time to compensate for your support.

Looking forward to BABYz’ continuous support to B.A.P’s ‘NO MERCY’, here’s our notice regarding B.A.P’s official goods.

B.A.P’s official goods are currently the photo-book (Recording Take 1 & 2), whistle, and slogan.

And we’ve been told that there are several goods which are made from/of B.A.P and MATOKI, aren’t approved by TS, and are sold illegally via. shopping mall overseas.

For now, B.A.P’s official goods are sold via. B.A.P’s official fan café (CAFÉ.DAUM.NET/TS-ASIAN) and only the local organizer, which hosts B.A.P’s showcase, is approved to sell them at the territory where B.A.P’s has showcase.

Unfortunately, B.A.P’s official goods are sold at much higher price via. illegal channel and the goods which stole B.A.P’s name and portrait and tour package which used B.A.P’s schedule are being produced and sold; we’d like to urge BABYz not to use those illegal goods/packages.

We highly appreciate BABYz kind support and love to B.A.P, and so we don’t want BABYz to be taken advantage by commercial illegal goods which are not approved by TS.

To minimize BABYz’ damage, we will conclude the distributors of B.A.P’s official goods domestically and overseas at soonest and will announce via. B.A.P’s official channel.

We do hope that BABYz don’t have any further damages derived from illegal goods.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


[TS Entertainment]