B.A.P stakk av med Underholdningsprisen på 2013 Creative Brand Awards


Having spreading the K-pop trend around the world, B.A.P received the Entertainment Award at the 2013 Creative Brand Awards.

On May 31, TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P received the prestigious award in the Cultural Content Industry category.

Korea CEO Summit, in charge of the award ceremony stated, “B.A.P has placed number one on multiple charts around the world, received 14 rookie awards and have spread the K-pop craze with its Pacific Tour. We decided that the group was worthy of being awarded for its global competitiveness.”

B.A.P attended the ceremony on May 31 to accept the award at Hannam-dong’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will be holding concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong to continue its B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour.

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Video: SSTV


De siste ukene har B.A.P vært på turne rundt om i verden, turneen har navnet LIVE ON EARTH.

En av B.A.Ps største mål er og ta over verden og at alle skal vite hvem de er! LIVE ON EARTH tror jeg er begynnelsen på noe stort internasjonalt for B.A.P!! Men personlig syns jeg jo de burde lagt inn ett stopp i Europa også da.

Men til nå har de opptred blant annet i 3 forskjellige stater og 4 byer i USA:

– New York City

– San Francisco

– Los Angeles

– Washington D.C



Himchan og Jongup i turist modus i NYC.

Flere nettsider hevder at B.A.P visst nok skal ha filmet inn klipp til ny musikkvideo mens de var i USA, men det har jeg ikke funnet noe helt sikre kilder på enda.

  I dag (24.05) hadde B.A.P sin første solo konsert i Japan!



 Og for annledningen, B.A.P tyggegummi! Japan tenker virkelig på alt.

– Åsne

Yongguk med beskjed på Fancafé

Hello. Everyone is healthy and is doing well, right?
I’m writing here because I want to ask BABYs’ opinion on something.

Usually, lots of people give presents individually, under B.A.P’s or a member’s name. I’m very thankful for the way you all always appreciate and cherish us. That’s why we always work to give and spread the love we are given.

The date May 5th is coming soon. It’s Children’s Day.
We have a special relationship with One Love Disabled Infant Home and we’d like to spread some love there along with our BABYs.
Although my thoughts are lacking a bit right now, what I’d like to say is that I have a lot of dolls (toys) that BABYs have sent to me. There are many dolls (toys) in our dorm and in our company that aren’t being taken care of and are lonely. I would really like to keep all of the love you all have given me, but due to my lack of freedom and space, I cannot take care of 1000 friends so please put the blame on me. I am always cherishing the love you all give us. So, I have written this post to ask your opinions on donating these dolls to One Love Disabled Infant Home in celebration of Children’s Day.

Since these are all gifts you have sent to us as a group or a specific member, I decided it would be best to ask the opinions of BABYs instead of making a choice on my own. I think that it would make a heartwarming Children’s Day gift for our disabled infant friends. Also, these dolls would have new friends to share their hearts with. As well as this, it takes up too much space at the company building and interferes a bit with our work so I wanted to see if it would be okay to donate these dolls and spread the love around.

Although these dolls are only made of cotton and thread, these dolls can be a commitment for these children and may also turn out to be a precious gift. I felt these feelings when I was young and also understand them and am always thankful for the many presents BABYs give us.

I would really like to hear the important thoughts and opinions you have about this project that B.A.P and BABYs will be doing together. Even though this love is lacking in comparison to the amount we receive, I just had this small thought. I would be very thankful if BABYs could give us their opinions so we can review them with TS employees and come up with a good final decision.

I always live a grateful day. We will be a B.A.P that always communicates with BABYs. I will pray that BABYs will always have meaningful days and in turn, have healthy minds and bodies. Thank you.

Kilde: Fancafé

Trans: Busantoki