B.A.P stakk av med Underholdningsprisen på 2013 Creative Brand Awards


Having spreading the K-pop trend around the world, B.A.P received the Entertainment Award at the 2013 Creative Brand Awards.

On May 31, TS Entertainment announced that B.A.P received the prestigious award in the Cultural Content Industry category.

Korea CEO Summit, in charge of the award ceremony stated, “B.A.P has placed number one on multiple charts around the world, received 14 rookie awards and have spread the K-pop craze with its Pacific Tour. We decided that the group was worthy of being awarded for its global competitiveness.”

B.A.P attended the ceremony on May 31 to accept the award at Hannam-dong’s Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Meanwhile, B.A.P will be holding concerts in Taiwan and Hong Kong to continue its B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour.

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De siste ukene har B.A.P vært på turne rundt om i verden, turneen har navnet LIVE ON EARTH.

En av B.A.Ps største mål er og ta over verden og at alle skal vite hvem de er! LIVE ON EARTH tror jeg er begynnelsen på noe stort internasjonalt for B.A.P!! Men personlig syns jeg jo de burde lagt inn ett stopp i Europa også da.

Men til nå har de opptred blant annet i 3 forskjellige stater og 4 byer i USA:

– New York City

– San Francisco

– Los Angeles

– Washington D.C



Himchan og Jongup i turist modus i NYC.

Flere nettsider hevder at B.A.P visst nok skal ha filmet inn klipp til ny musikkvideo mens de var i USA, men det har jeg ikke funnet noe helt sikre kilder på enda.

  I dag (24.05) hadde B.A.P sin første solo konsert i Japan!



 Og for annledningen, B.A.P tyggegummi! Japan tenker virkelig på alt.

– Åsne

[review] B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul – eNews

The B.A.P members proved that they were super rookies, earning more than 20 awards, with eight albums in the span of one year.

But despite all of these accomplishments, something still felt incomplete.

That is, until March 23 and 24, when B.A.P held its first exclusive concerts, Live On Earth Seoul, a feat that few rookies are able to accomplish.


We were lucky enough to make it to the concert on the first day, when dedicated fans caught the first train of the day to start lining up for the concert goods at 6 a.m.

We met a couple of overseas fans as they found us in our B.A.P poster giveaway event, and their eyes were literally sparkling as the anticipation grew for what would happen in the next two hours.


The concert began with a special video, explaining that on earth there were a lot of “Pain & Crying,” so the Supreme Commander of Planet Mato sent six Matokis to Earth to get rid of the problems. A UFO descended down on the stage and the six ‘aliens’ arrived with loud cheers from the fans as B.A.P started with the first song, Warrior.

Warrior quickly followed up with What the Hell and No Mercy. Daehyun and Bang Young Guk tried to slow things down with I Remember (but Bang Yong Guk dropped the Korean F-bomb, causing everyone to grow wilder), soon followed bySecret Love by all six members, including Himchan, who appeared with an arm cast and a sling.

After singing Voicemail and Rain Sound, the B.A.P members finally addressed the fans and introduced themselves. Though the members didn′t speak much during the concert, the silliness during this time had the fans roaring in laughter.

Himchan made up for his lack of performing (due to his hand injury) with his famous crazy-look-in-the-face expression and Bang Yong Guk posed as a muscleman, perhaps as a preview to what would happen later in the night.


Still rookies, the members were shy about talking to the fans, but nonetheless, every action and word had the fans pouring love and support to all six members that night.

When the microphone was passed onto one fan in the audience, she asked when Himchan’s arm would get better. Himchan started apologizing for his broken hand, saying he’s read all of the messages he’s been receiving, especially since he has nothing to do now.

He added that he’s so thankful for the support and love he’s been getting during this crisis and hoped to be on stage really soon.

The first talk soon ended, leading to the next performance, a very special one where Dae Hyun and Young Jae began singing Jessie J’s Price Tag.

Then Zelo and Jong Up appeared on stage, surrounded by back dancers, breaking down to Cali Swag District’s Teach Me How to Dougie, but that was only a preview because the song quickly transitioned into Kriss Kross’ Jump, literally getting everyone in the stadium to jump along with them.


The energy continued into Dancing in the Rain, Stop It (Zelo’s butt shake as the highlight), before the members left the stage and there was a surprise dance cam, where the cameras panned the audience, asking them to dance.

The Supreme Commander return to ask fans if they were happy, before leading into a video, showing footage of war, environmental destruction, poverty and starvation. The mission of the six Matokis were to help fix these issues, and right on cue, B.A.P returned to the stage to perform One Shot, complete with the pushup dance.

The members began performing the songs from their newest album, like 0 (Zero) and Punch, but then the hall turned pitch black and Bang Yong Guk took the stage, performing his self-composed song, Sacramental Confession.


Just then, two dancers, dressed in black, snuck onto the podium where Bang Yong Guk was standing and ripped off his shirt, revealing the abs that everyone and their mothers have been waiting for.

Muscle Man Bang Yong Guk finished off Sacramental Confession shirtless and fulfilled the promise he made with his fans, bringing the loudest screams yet.

The collaboration stages with Broken Valentine proved to be a highlight of the night, mixing both B.A.P’s and Broken Valentine’s colors flawlessly in Fight for Freedom, Unbreakable, Never Give Up, and Power.

Then the members puckered up to the camera, sending kisses everywhere with 3OH!3’s My First Kiss while getting their aegyo on and teasing the fans by lying on the stage.

Before we knew it, the end of the concert arrived as the B.A.P and Broken Valentine members all said their good-byes while singing Goodbye.


Fans started to blow their fan whistles and one particular fanboy yelled ‘encore’ so loudly that his voice echoed in the entire stadium.

Of course it wasn’t the end, as B.A.P returned to the stage to deliver Coma off of its new album.

But just when it seemed like it was all over, Bang Yong Guk announced that Zelo had something special to read, while the other members left Zelo to take on the stage alone.

The youngest member pulled out a letter and began reading it aloud, addressed to his parents. As he thanked his parents for supporting him through this hard but amazing journey as a singer, Zelo began to sniffle, then weep, then full-on bawl, making the fans shed tears as the Giant Baby broke down in his love for his family.

The B.A.P hyungs returned, teasing Zelo and calling him a crybaby, and to pick up the teary atmosphere, the boys ended the concert with an exciting performance of Crash, where the members took hats and signs from the fans. Zelo, forgetting his tears from five minutes before, skateboarded down the stage, much to the fans′ delight.


Once the song ended, the boys thanked the fans once more and did a formal bow.

And then it finally ended.

Now, in all honesty, the B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul concert was not perfect.

There could have been better music transitions and more fan interactions (although B.A.P said at the press conference that this concert was more about the music and less about the talking), but that’s not to say the concert was not enjoyable – because it certainly was.

The smiles on those fans’ faces seemed worth the long hours of effort put into the album and the year of never-ending promotions.

We tend to forget that the B.A.P members, after all, are still rookies in the game with so much to come in front of them. This concert was just a baby step taken, and in that sense, the concert was amazingly successful.

If this is a preview of what B.A.P will bring in the future, we’ll gladly anticipate it with open arms.

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Kred: Grace Hong, Angelina Foss, Jin Chun Lan, TS Entertainment

Himchan beklager seg ovenfor fansen


무소식이 희소식이라 말하는 너희들에게 좋지않은 소식을 전하려니 너무 미안하다. 그동안 우리 아가들이 하는 얘기들 다 듣고, 보고 있었어. 
좀더 일찍 말하지못한거에 대해 진심으로 미안해.어떻게 언제 전하는 것이 너희들과 우리 멤버들을 덜 힘들게 할지 고민하느라 시간이 좀 걸렸어. 이해해줄 거지?
너무 열심히 준비해온 앨범이라 갑자기 닥친 현실을 받아들이기가 쉽지 않았어. 그동안 많은 생각을 했고 지금은 좀 마음을 추스리면서 괜찮아졌어. 지난 일이니까 이제는 앞으로만 생각하려구. 
우리 모두 행복할 일만 상상하고 만들어가자. 앞으론 행복해하는 일만 남았다.

마지막으로 BABY들에게 정말 미안하고 사랑해. 우리 멤버들 미안하고 고맙고 또 사랑한다. 날 걱정해주는 사람이 이렇게 많다는 것에 굉장히 감사하고 있어.
고마워요 다들. 나도 빨리나으려고 노력할게요. B.A.P와 BABY란 존재가 너무 고맙다.

There’s the saying that no news is good news but I’m really sorry to be delivering bad news to you all. Lately I’ve been listening and reading all of the talk going on from our BABYs and I’m truly sorry for not being able to tell you all sooner. It took a little bit of time while I had a dilemma on when would be an appropriate time to tell you and how less it’d make both you and the members in difficulty. You’ll understand, right?

It wasn’t easy taking in the reality of suddenly getting injured for an album we’ve all prepared so hard on. I’ve been thinking a lot during this time and I’ve gotten better after settling my heart down a little. Since it’s already happened and in the past, I’m only going to think about the future.

Let’s all think of happy things and make of it in our future; we only have happier things to accomplish in the future.

Lastly, I’m really sorry to BABYs and I love you. I’m sorry to our members and I thank them, and also, I love you all. I’m really thankful for the amount of people who are worrying for me.

Thank you everyone. I’m trying hard on recovering faster too. I’m so thankful for B.A.P and BABYs existing.

Trans/kred: neukki

Kilde: Himchans twitter

Himchan ute med brukket ring- og lille finger på ubestemt tid

532061_417698641648971_1924328949_nB.A.P’s Himchan fractured his finger.

Himchan, who is in charge of vocals in B.A.P, was going to ride a car around 10 days ago, when he slipped and fractured his ring and pinky finger. After receiving surgery, Himchan is currently resting at his parents’ house.

Himchan is currently wearing a cast on his hand and wrist, and the hospital that he received surgery at said that he will need to rest up for now, and it will probably be difficult for him to participate in ‘One Shot’ promotions, which is planning to show ‘total manly performances’ with choreography such as the ‘push up’ dance.

Their entertainment company said, “More than anything, he and the members are feeling the saddest.” They added, “The disappointment seems to be larger, because this album was one that all six members worked harder than ever on since they felt that they were showing the true colors of B.A.P in a long time through ‘One Shot’.”

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Kilde: Nate