‘Goodbye’ M/V~!


After announcing that rookie group B.A.P would be releasing their single “Goodbye”, TS Entertainmenthas uploaded a special video of “Goodbye” with the lovable Matoki.

“Goodbye” is a special single that has been released ahead of their mini-album.

In the short 48-second clip, the animated music video reveals the story of their character Matoki, and how it made an emergency crash landing to earth after living on a different planet.

The jacket photo of “Goodbye” reminded fans of the Beatles‘ ‘Abbey Road‘ jacket photo, and the song was composed by Jun Da Woon who also participated to write G.Na‘s “Because You’re My Person“,K.Will‘s “Struck Dumb” and more. B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk along with 4men and K.Will helped to pen the lyrics. Guitarist TOP who played in Seotaiji’s band and worked with Seotaiji over 10 years has also worked on B.A.P for this particular project.

PS: Litt på den late siden for tiden så blir ingen oversetting…

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